Can You Tweet A Secret?

If you’re to believe the hype, Twitter can help you with everything from finding a job to keeping abreast of surprise sample sales. Now, Twitter can even assist you in unloading the burden of your deepest secrets. Secret Tweet, the latest “craze within a craze,” is a cyber-confessional where users can anonymously post secrets, from the hilarious and weird to the poignant and creepy. If you think this sounds exactly like PostSecret, the site that skyrocketed to Internet popularity shortly after it was launched in 2007, you’re wrong. See, PostSecret is all about the postcard, the detail of the artwork, and Secret Tweet is — well, it’s about 134 characters or less (yes, even fewer than normal tweets). Secret Tweet was started by 21-year-old graphic designer Kevin Smith as a way for him and his friends to “amuse themselves.” Eve though he doesn’t make a profit off it, he says he’ll continue the project as long as he finds “personal happiness.” After the jump, a few of the Secret Tweets that amuse Kevin and make him personally happy.

Everyone thinks that my Dad and I are best friends but actually it’s because he abused me and I feel totally submissive towards him.

The strongest orgasm I have ever had was on the top deck of a London bus.

My Grandma gave me $40 with the Easter card she sent me…. I spent that money on pot. Sorry Grandma. I love you.

ive ben stripping and giving my bf the money. i hate it and i hate him.

I should have pulled the plug when my wife cried on our wedding night because she didn’t want to have sex with me. That was in ’93.