Would You Carry This Flower Bag?

Hoping that her purses will encourage women to “engage with nature,” designer Kathleen Dustin has created a number of flora-inspired handbags, including this, um, ultra-feminine number with peak-a-boo dyed pearls, which is on sale for $800. “I am often also asked, ‘Why purses?’” Kathleen writes on her website, “’Why don´t you make figurines or sculptures?’ The reason is because a figurine or sculpture just sits there collecting dust. You aren´t supposed to touch it. But because these purses are functional, you are supposed to touch them, caress them and examine them.’” So the question is: Would you pay $800 to touch, caress, and examine this functional work of art? After the jump, check out more of her purses. [via Metro.co.uk]