Should A Dude Blow Smoke Up Your Vag?

While men love it when we blow them, can women get blown, too? I’m talking literally — with smoke. That’s what I’ve been wondering on 4/20 (remember kids, don’t do drugs!). Erowid, the online encyclopedia of drugs, answers this burning question:

I was sitting around with my girlfriend yesterday, smoking marijuana out of a bong. We decided to try an experiment, so I exhaled a bong hit into her vagina and held it closed for a few seconds. When I let go, a significant amount of smoke was forced out. I did this three times, and a few minutes later she reported feeling high. My girlfriend has asthma, which prevents her from smoking up as much as she wants to. If vaginal administration of marijuana smoke is safe, it would allow her to get high without irritating her lungs. Is this safe for the vagina and the rest of the body?

Dope or dopey idea? Find out after the jump. It turns out, blowing any kind of smoke up your ass vagina is a bad idea. According to Erowid, when air is forced into any orifice, you can get tiny bubbles in your bloodstream — otherwise known as an air embolism. While the itself smoke won’t kill you, an air embolism can. D.A.R.E. to tell that stoner to get his head out of the clouds and out from between your legs.