Quickies!: Twilight Lawsuit Rumors Are Likely False

  • The rumors that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is being sued by a former college roommate for plagiarism are untrue. There are at least five reasons that make these rumors suspect. [Twilight Lexicon]
  • Miss California may have given what Perez Hilton called the “worst answer in pageant history,” but what about Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton, who walked away with the Miss USA tiara? [Pop Eater]
  • Keep the laughter going and check out the five dumbest pageant moments. [Dumb As a Blog] — I can watch Miss Teen South Carolina’s answer during the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant over and over and over.
  • A gay man weighs in on what one woman should do now that her bizarre rebound date made her want her ex back. [Très Sugar] — How does a guy offer to pay and then take it back? Jerk!
  • What does a 23-year-old mistress think about while she’s with her lover? If there are photos of his family around, she could become disgusted with herself. [Your Tango]
  • Is dating drama any different from marriage drama? [Shine]