Coachella: Where We Wish We’d Been This Weekend

For the past 10 years, the Coachella Music Festival has brought hundreds of thousands of panting people to Indio, CA to shake their moneymakers. [NY Times]. So, put on an ironic tee, grab a PBR, and climb on the shoulders of some dude you just met in Elvis Costello specs. It’ll feel just like being there, I promise.

After the jump, highlights from the festival, including Paul McCartney (dedicating his set to his dear departed Linda), Leonard Cohen, and M.I.A. glowing in the dark.

Amanda Palmer snagged the award for Craziest Outfit. She’s also got the Craziest Crowd Antics You gotta be pretty cracked to crowd surf in a bra and curlers. Thanks to her cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” Amanda is my new hero.

I had to take Leonard Cohen off my iPod, because every time “Hallelujah” came up on shuffle, I would start to cry. Which is probably why it’s better that I’m watching this heartbreaker at home, instead of in a sea of hotties I’m trying to impress.

For anyone worried about growing old and becoming lame, take a lesson from Sir Paul McCartney, who seriously killed it with “Helter Skelter.”

Greg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, mashes up songs you already know into an infectious potion that makes you feel like you’re at the best party of your life. Check out his Coachella encore. Close your eyes and dance, girl, dance. You know you want to.