Scary Spice Gets Hypnotized To Conquer Stage Fright. Does It Work?

Does anything scare the mess out of Scary Spice, aka Melanie Brown? Seems she was terrified to show her sexy side for her new Las Vegas burlesque extravaganza, “Peepshow,” so Mel had a friend hypnotize her into staying cool during the show. But does it work? [People]Absolutely, says Mel. Just check her out in the photo from opening night.

How does hypnosis work?

No one knows exactly, but here’s the leading theory. By relaxing you, hypnotists are able to tame the left side of your brain—the center of reasoning, logic, and conscious thought—and put your right brain, homebase for creativity and automatic responses like breathing, in the driver’s seat. Putting you in this trance-like state makes you ultra-susceptible to suggestions. [HowStuffWorks]

Lots of hypnotists run stage shows—either in Vegas or on the college circuit. (Flashback to the show I saw freshman year, with the hypnotist having some random girl squawk like a chicken. It got way stranger when he told her to have an orgasm on stage. Creepy.) But there are many more practical applications of the process:

  • Want to stop smoking or kick that fried chicken habit? Hypnotism has been shown decent results with both. [Scientific American] — Not that we think you should give up the latter.
  • Hypnotism can also help folks with overwhelming phobias—like those who are deathly afraid of flying or birds. [HowStuffWorks] — Maybe it could make us less scared of the Spice Girls’ outfits?
  • It can even be used for medicinal purposes—some doctors hypnotize patients so they won’t feel as much pain. [Scientific American] — Kinda like marijuana. Not that we’re advocating.
  • And then there’s forensic hypnotism, where investigators can use hypnosis to pull out memories from suspects and witnesses. This is still way controversial in the law enforcement world. [HowStuffWorks] — Plus, it would make “Law & Order” episodes much shorter, which is not a good thing.

What would you want to be hypnotized to do?