The Lip Schtick Behind Mary Kay Cosmetics

Historically speaking, when the economy tanks, makeup sales rise. That’s why two million Mary Kay salesgirls are roping their friends into makeovers for extra cash. The cosmetics company is doing so well they bought ads during the Superbowl and the Oscars to recruit more personnel. Sound nuts? You bet your blush! Peep this ABC News investigation and keep reading for four fast facts on the Mary Kay craze.

  1. The Ride Of Your Life: If you’re a successful enough sales gal, you earn a Mary Kay pink Cadillac Escalade as a bonus. There’ currently a fleet of 1,500 pinkies on the road. Clearly, Mary Kay cares about their employees, not about the environment.
  2. Bank Of America: Mary Kay has made many women millionaires. And most of their product-pushers earn an extra Benjamin a week. With all their selling powers combined, the Mary Kay ladies shelled out $2.6 billion dollars worth of beauty products last year! That’s a whole lotta concealer goin’ on.
  3. God Is Watching: In the halls of Mary Kay HQ, where photos of super-successful salesgals are hung, there’s a carved crystal crucifix. Mary Kay girls are all about multitasking—the cross is encased in shiny glass so you can check your reflection while you pray!
  4. Make Up Memorial: Seriously, there’s even a Mary Kay Museum, dedicated to the woman herself and the company’s history. It’s full of softly-lit portraits of Mary Kay, her sequined ball gowns, and puffy pink furniture. It’s so girly, walking through the door may make your Aunt Flo come for a visit.