Five Weird-Ass Facials

While it’s not clear if they actually work, facials tend to focus on two things: relaxing or acne-fighting. Most treatments involve a cleansing of the skin, followed by an extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and finished off by a mask or, in more severe cases, a chemical peel of glycolic acid to remove the top layer of the epidermis. However, facials can get creative. Get ready to flex your face at some of the weirdest. Galvanic: This facial may be a miracle treatment if you are an oil factory or have deep, cystic acne. At Sally Hershberger Face Place in New York, the procedure starts off with a deep, manual pore cleaning. Afterwards, the aesthetician uses a galvanic current to draw a highly concentrated vitamin C serum into your skin. A pad transmitting a negative charge goes under your back, while a positive charge travels through a conical mask on your face. As the electric current goes through your body, you might even experience a metallic taste in your mouth. The current firms and tightens your skin.

Oxygen: Movie stars and celebs under the spotlight swear by hyperbaric oxygen facials, because they instantly plump the skin. Oxygen is a free commodity, but some specialists claim that our polluted environment doesn’t allow the skin cells to breathe properly. During the facial, a machine sprays moisture into the pores with a stream of pressurized oxygen. The rejuvenating results are temporary, which may leave you thinking that the process is a lot of hot air.

“Lift” or “Non-Surgical”: Those looking to escape the knife can try this treatment which uses microcurrents to lift facial muscles (sometimes referred to as “facial gymnastics”). The 60-minute facial offered at Exhale Spa in Dallas improves lymphatic drainage and claims to result in drastic anti-aging effects. It’s also offered in more clinical situations, like dermatologists offices.

24-Karat Gold Treatment: For high rollers only. At UMO Salon, guests go super-luxe with a facial that involves applying 24-karat gold leaf to the face. Aside from feeling like you have the Midas touch, the gold is supposed to reduce wrinkle lines and the appearance of sun damage thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Beer Facial: Any excuse for a brewski is a good one, especially with the Beer Enzyme Facial at Exsalonce in Chicago. The alcoholic beverage has been found to gently exfoliate the skin, dissolving dead cells.