When Being A Blonde Isn’t So Fun

A women wrote to Salon.com’s resident advice columnist, Cary Tennis, and as usual, I was a little confused by his answer. That is to say, I really couldn’t figure out what his answer was. The woman wrote that she met a guy a few months ago on Craigslist’s “Just Friends” section. She was new to town and just looking for someone to hang out with, but it didn’t take long before things between them became a bit more romantic in nature. The problem is that when they were just “platonic,” the guy expressed how much he dislikes like blondes, as well as redheads, and that he’s “really only attracted to brunettes — dark brunettes, with dark brown hair and matching dark features.” Unfortunately, this woman is a strawberry blonde, and now she’s self-conscious about her hair color, especially since every time this guy talks about a “girl he thinks is good-looking, or thought was good-looking in the past or whatever, the issue of how dark her hair was always seems to come up in the same way that a normal guy might mention a woman’s legs.” Oh, and “until relatively recently,” she writes, “he was in an extremely long-term relationship with a girl who matched his “ideal” to a T. But he broke up with her. Then again, he’s also mentioned he’s mildly attracted to his cousin. What the hell is going on?”At the start of her letter, I assumed she was going to ask whether she should dye her hair or dump the guy, but then she threw in the whole mild attraction to the cousin and the perfect ex-girlfriend, which makes the only discernible bit of advice in Cary’s rambling response even more curious. “Buy a wig,” he writes, “and wear it for fun. See what happens. It will be like high black boots and garters, or a whip. But don’t make fun of him. Be gentle.” WHA?? Come on ladies, we can do better than that! What advice would you give Blonde and Bitter? I’d tell her to stay to dump the guy, stay away from Craigslist personals, and find a guy who doesn’t have an unhealthy obsession for his cousin, his ex, or any other raven-haired lass.