What Does A $4000 Swimsuit Look Like?

Bathing suits and jewel-encrusted bling. They go together like Cheerios and vodka—and maybe there’s a reason for that. Check out Pistol Panties’ $4,000 bathing suit, hand-embroidered with 5,000 Swarovski crystals. The top and the bottom are held together with a gold-colored jewel strip. So, you know, it’s practical. Despite its sale at Selfridges, one of the ritziest stores in London, this suit does have a certain tacky jewel-encrusted-purse-shaped-like-a-panda-bear-that-your-clueless-aunt-thinks-is-the-height-of-fashion quality to it, doesn’t it? Even if you’re a lady who would need a blinged-out bathing suit to wear alongside Ivana and Paris, sunbathing by the Caspian Sea, sipping glasses of Cristal, I’m not even sure this is the suit for you. [Daily Mail]

UPDATE: Commenter BeeGirl is right. The actual price of this swimsuit in American dollars is $2,959.52.

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