Seven (Inches) Or Better

There’s a new online dating site for those women who think size definitely matters. only accepts men who are packing at least seven inches of artillery. The site was conceived under the premise that women want to know what their date is working with before investing too much wasted time. But they can’t exactly ask for that info on the first or second date — so now they can know upfront. But don’t expect any sleazy talk or nudity — because the members are supposed to be “quality” people looking for a “quality” relationship. So, I’m guessing it’s like an eHarmony for above-average men? The one plus is that the site is free. The biggest negative? There are probably about 10 guys for every 1,000 women. There’s no explanation as to how the site guarantees the men’s size, but let’s hope girth is measured, as well as length, because pencils are about as much fun as a stubby crayon.