Senryu: Break Through Your Breakup In 17 Syllables

Actually, Simcha, what you’re writing is called a senryu. “Sen-what?” you say? Senryu! Like haiku, senryu (sounds like send-yew) is a 3 line poem that follows the 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but while haiku traditionally focuses on nature-nature, senryu speaks to human nature. As a recent article in “Women’s Health” explains, writing a little senryu is the perfect way to get past a breakup. Simcha got us started with a some senryu already, and after the jump are a few more from some of my own past breakups. Please feel free to leave your own in comments. Together, and with the help of 17 poetic syllables, we’ll help each other through our heartache…

After you moved out
I found the bright side
I never watched golf again

The last time we talked
You said you’d call me back soon
Wasn’t your first lie…

Saw you on your bike
And thought about saying ‘hi’
I waved at your back

Senryu also work when you aren’t heartbroken:

I loved your smile first
And the way you made me laugh
Now we’re getting hitched!