Quickies!: Mind Your Manners On Facebook

  • Watch Timmy and Alice’s bad Facebook behavior to learn what not to do. [Your Tango] — Totally hilarious!
  • Kate Moss caught a fungal infection in her toe from a New York nail salon. She’s on antibiotics, so she has to lay off the booze. [Dlisted] — Note to Kate: If you can afford a swanky salon, then avoid the skanky ones.
  • The lawyer defending Tyra Bank’s alleged stalker says Tyra is so “detested” she’d probably lose a jury trial. [Media Takeout] — He’s probably right.
  • We know you decorated the inside of your locker in high school, so you had to have an embarrassing pin-up guy in there. [Lemondrop] — Mine was a photo of me with Tyson Beckford that was shot at a department store promo event. He looked hot, but what was embarrassing was that I was the first person in line at the event.
  • Beyonce has finally announced the tour dates for her “I Am” tour. [Perez Hilton
  • A deadbeat father drank so much he forgot where he’d left his children. Then had the nerve to report them missing with St. Petersburg police. [Dumb as a Blog] — I’d like to know what mother left her children in his care.
  • Liz Lemon on “30 Rock” found the dark side of being a lady of leisure, after being suspended from her job. [Tres Sugar] — I didn’t know there was a dark side. I guess the grass is always greener.