Which Chick Flick Character Are You?

Chick flicks are generally the lamest of movies, but we still watch them, making them huge blockbusters and giving them the longest of lifespans on Netflix. Of course, part of the reason we keep seeing them despite their high cheese factor is because we all want to believe in the possibility of happy endings, but I think a lot of their popularity has to do with women feeling like they are one of the characters. I just saw “Definitely, Maybe” and identify with Isla Fischer’s character April. We’re always good friends with guys. Sometimes we like them, but we don’t realize this until it’s too late, and they’re seeing someone else. Eventually, she ends up getting the guy, but it takes years and years of being his best gal pal before that happens (which I hope is the case with me).

The friend character is a popular one, and Annika identifies with Kerry Washington’s character Nikki Tru in “I Think I Love My Wife.” Guys might like to flirt and be friends with her, but then they end up going home to their girlfriends, instead of dating her. (Also, Annika wishes she oozed sex appeal, like Nikki).

Amelia related to Ginnifer Goodwin’s “He’s Just Not That Into You” Gigi’s crazy overanalyzing of men’s behavior. Luckily, she only does this in her head, rather than actually going forward and stealing pens from guys she likes and obsessively leaving them voicemails.

Which chick flick character are you and why?