“Grey Gardens” Style: Are You More Of A Bouvier Or A Beale?

“Grey Gardens” debuts April 18, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (After all, it’s not every day a movie makes my eccentricities seem normal.) The Frisky gals and I attended the “Grey Gardens” world premiere in NYC, and the movie is, as the kids say, the cat’s pajamas. “Grey Gardens” stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as the kooky cat-lady, mother-daughter duo Little Edie and Big Edie Beale, along with “Big Love”-star Jeanne Tripplehorn as their glamour-puss cousin, Jackie O.

Even if you don’t give a fig about Camelot, no woman alive will see this movie without booking it to her local vintage shop early the next morn’. But like the great style dichotomies before us (Betty and Veronica, Angelina and Jen), how do you know if your leanings are more Bouvier or Beale? Do you bat your lashes, or are you just plain batty? Why, consult this handy-dandy chart, of course!

Are You More Of A Bouvier Or A Beale?
How Do You Wear Your…? Bouvier Beale
Hair Glossy, lush Falling out
Headwear Pillbox hats Scarves
Makeup Frosted lipstick Red lips and nails,
dark eyeshadow
Jewelry Three strings of pearls Brooches
Animal odor A horsey smell A catty smell
Shoes Low-heeled pumps Dancing shoes
Brows Thick, pensive Penciled in