Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Virgin Virgo Want To Sow His Wild Oats?

“I’m a Cancer gal (07/07/1989, born at 12:36 pm), and I recently started dating a Virgo (09/04/1989) that I have known for a number of years. Even though we only got together recently, I have a really good feeling about this relationship. I know I get obsessed easily, but I pretty much feel like he’s y’know… ‘The One.’ He’s also expressed similar feelings for me. So the other night he confided in me that he is still a virgin. Not because he hasn’t had the chance, he just didn’t feel right with the girls he did have chances with. Now, I am not a virgin, but I’ve only slept with three people and can probably count on my fingers (and toes) how many times I have had intercourse. I just worry that he’s not going to stick with the girl he first sticks it to, and is going to want to sow his wild oats later on. Am I freaking out unnecessarily or should I be worried?” – Cancer Gal Hold your horses and stop letting your paranoia get the best of you! First of all, you should own your power; realize that this guy has himself a catch and that he is so lucky to have gotten you in the first place and perhaps should worry about being able to keep up with you! Seriously, vulnerability in a budding relationship is a two-way street and there’s no reason you should get that far ahead of yourself. Can you imagine the doubts he is having too, about trying to please you in bed when he has no experience? If you exchange notes later on, you’ll probably be shocked by the trepidation he felt.

In the meantime, you should also realize this guy obviously isn’t an impetuous type and the fact that he chose you for his first time says a lot. You should trust that you have found a guy that is on the up-and-up, instead of sabotaging yourself into thinking he is going to split or that you are not enough for him. If you keep at it that way, it will bring on the worst. Of course, looking at your chart and seeing you have a Virgo moon, it explains a lot — as those with this placement tend to over-think everything; with your cautious Cancer sun, all your protection mechanisms are out to make you insane — but fret not, you and your honey have super, uber astro compatibility. He is a Virgo with a Libra moon, while you have a Libra rising and Virgo moon. Basically, you two have a lot of astro compatibilities, but Libra and Virgo seem to be the overriding theme in your charts, which will make it easy to relate with one another. While it can’t guarantee you’ll be together forever, you do have what it takes to make it work.

However, I also noticed you have tons of planets in your 10th house, which means, young lady, there’s a strong influence over success in your chosen career field. You are lucky because you were probably born with a talent that is easily recognizable to others and can put you at the helm of wherever you choose — so work it! Plus, with the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn being kicked off this year in January, and another one coming in July, this is your time to focus on that area of your life too — besides, the way it looks with Mr. Virgo Virgin man, the love thing seems to be on the fast track to falling into place all by itself.

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