Star Couplings: Justin Long Joins Drew Barrymore At Grey Gardens Premiere

  • Justin Long helped ex Drew Barrymore celebrate the premiere of “Grey Gardens” yesterday, but they didn’t take photos together, so who knows what the deal is. [Us Magazine]
  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are always willing to make out in public, even if they’re in a furniture store. [OK! Magazine]
  • Yesterday, Kenley Collins of “Project Runway” answered charges she attacked her fiance Zac Penley with a cat and other things. She was ordered to pay a $120 fine and can’t go near Penley for a whole two years. [Dlisted] — Guess that means she’s not going to become Kenley Penley anytime soon.
  • Hugh Hefner has love advice for his former “Girls Next Door” girlfriends. [People] — Hef should know; he has 83 years of life experience.
  • Jennifer Aniston has reportedly been telling people David Schwimmer is her top choice for sperm donor. [National Enquirer] — Now this sounds really desperate. Jen should stop trying to live her characters’ lives as her own.