Michelle Obama Fashion Watch: Pocketgate!

Another day, another Michelle Obama fashion flareup. Today, pockets! Like, rilly rilly big ones. Speaking yesterday at the Department of Homeland Security, Mrs. O. wore an emerald jacket with oversized pockets hanging below the lining over a purple-striped, long-sleeve tee. Not surprisingly, this is a love it or hate it getup. The fashion blogs speak after the jump.

  • The Daily News saw a big no-no:

    “The mother of two channeled, err, Barney with her long-sleeved striped purple T-shirt and belted green jacket featuring enormous exposed pockets roomy enough to fit First Dog Bo—and his favorite treats…Obama’s unusual outfit is a rare misstep.” [NYDN]

  • The fashion site Mrs. O found the ensemble oddly fun:

    “Surely this detail is the work of someone with a playful design sensibility—any ideas?… I love the playfulness of the shirt and jacket but the color combo is weirdly off.” [Mrs. O.org]

  • MichelleObamaWatch.com declared a fashion don’t:

    “She is stretching my limited fashion palette…Bring back the bolero jacket! No-Maam.” [MichelleObamaWatch.com]

THE VERDICT: VALIANT O-BOMB. On the one hand, we’re thrilled that our first lady dresses like a lady and not a grannypants. Great idea, but the execution is funny, not funky. Love the cleverness, but the cropped-look only looks good if you have a) model-long legs and b) no hips, a.k.a. the opposite of me and the athletic-framed Michelle.

What do you think of this get up? Hail or fail?