The Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide To Wearing American Apparel

aamain jpg
We don’t know whether to “Yay!” or “Boo!” the news that American Apparel is coming out with a line of plus size clothing. You see, the line — Colossal Clothing — is only for men and is yet another example of American Apparel’s creepy attitude towards women. Is CEO Dov Charney trying to deliberately keep fat chicks out of spandex? Ugh, as if! I’m living proof that the stretchy fabric will fit around anything! I squeeze my big, beautiful 43″ butt into their undersized styles all the time, and damn, do I look good in ‘em! In fact, here’s a pic of me sporting the Cotton Spandex Jersey
Long Sleeve Criss-Cross Dress. So suck it, AA, I don’t need your stupid sizes that don’t make any sense anyway. Keep clicking to find out which AA items fit ALL body types.


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