Quickies!: Lil’ Wayne Needed More Parental Supervision As A Child

  • Lil’ Wayne plays the Dirty Dozen on Playboy.com and tells how playing Win, Lose or Draw lead to him losing his virginity at 11. [DListed]
  • What do you think this lingerie-clad drunk girl was thinking about when she got on top of a table that came crashing down? [Dumb as a Blog] — Here’s a hint: it wasn’t Twizzlers as I guessed.
  • This real-life “Zoolander” nails Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari, and Magnum. [Urlesque]
  • German pop singer Nadja Benaissa of No Angels has been arrested for having unprotected sex with several partners and not telling them she was HIV positive. [Perez Hilton] — I’ve never heard of her, but she sounds like a real winner.
  • Wearing eye makeup helps to keep up the mystery in your relationship. So wear more of it! [Your Tango]
  • Do women pick jerky boys because we watched way too many ’80s movies with bad boys? [Shine]