Have A Seat! Potty Parity Laws Deck Stadiums With More Stalls For Women

Potty Parity laws are bringing much needed real estate to the millions of women sick of waiting in line to pee. From mildly irritating to downright hazardous to our health, the lack of women’s toilets in sports venues (and everywhere else) is flush with problems. The New York Times gives us a peek into pooper politics. [NY Times]

  • Sporta Potties. Roughly 1,500 new toilet fixtures will be added to the new Yankee Stadium and Mets’ Citi Field, a 30 percent increase for the Yanks and 10 percent for the Mets. And about 1,350 fixtures will be added to the Giants/Jets stadium opening in New Jersey in 2010. — Great! Cause we all know it’s bad enough being dragged to sporting events but the beer and chili cheese fries induce bathroom panic.
  • Potty Party. Potty parity is not solely based on gender, but is measured by wait times. Women typically take twice as long as men in restrooms due to clothing removal, the use of stalls and toilet paper, menstrual cycles, and the likelihood that small children might be included in the equation. In 2005, New York City passed the law requiring new or significantly renovated public places to have two women’s toilet fixtures to every man’s. — Finally, someone acknowledges our pee plight!
  • Potty People. Yes, there are toilet advocate groups such as the American Restroom Association and the World Toilet Organization. They fight for everyone’s right to clean public bathrooms, as well as for the facility needs of people with medical probs like bladder and bowel dysfunctions. — Plus, some of us have that disorder that causes us to pee when laughing too hard…like when discovering there’s a World Toilet Organization.

Do you have a horror story of waiting for the bathroom?