“Hannah Montana” Proves Girls Rule At The Box Office And On YouTube

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” raked in $34 million smackers this weekend, double what was expected. But Miley Cyrus promises that this movie, in which her character goes to Tennessee and decides to officially give up performing as her alter ego, is fo’ reals her last time playing Hannah. [LA Times] — If you listen closely, you can hear girls across the country crying themselves to sleep in their Hannah Montana pink pillowcases.Miley’s last flick, the 3-D “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour,” grossed $70 million worldwide. (That’s a big suck it to her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas who only grossed $21 mill with his “Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience.”) [Box Office Mojo] But she’s still walking away from her kiddie empire and is already slated to make a complicated Disney drama about a girl sent to live with the father she barely knows for the summer, “The Last Song.” Who is going to fill her tween-sized shoes now? We think Mickey Mouse and Co. should ask one of these YouTube singing sensations:

Something Old, Something New. Who knew Miley Cyrus fans could grow a beard? But here’s “ernell42” and his beautiful voice belting out “See You Again” for some girl named Kate. Here’s hoping Kate is over 18!

America’s Next Top Wade Robeson. In his cover of “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Hannahsaw22” shows he’s got some serious moves for a little guy. Shake it til you make it, buddy!

All In The Family. The Castillo Kids—ages 8, 10, and 12—sway in unison as they perform “True Friend.” Warning: They’re so cute, they may actually make you want to have kids.