Bravo Seeks Would-Be Celebrity Designers For New Reality Show

Bravo has upped its plan to retain its “Project Runway” audience now that the show is moving to Lifetime. It plans to completely replace “Runway” with “The Fashion Show.” Now, Bravo has greenlighted “Launch My Line,” a celebrity competition show modeled after “Runway.” Each celebrity contestant will be paired with a fashion designer who will help bring their creative vision to fruition, as they vie for a chance to launch their own clothing line. After the jump, our dream cast for “Launch My Line.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • Lauren Conrad isn’t really good at much besides being on reality TV, and her fashion line definitely needs some work.
  • Rihanna is quite the style maven, so we’d be stoked to see (and wear) any of her creations.
  • Joaquin Phoenix probably won’t make it as a rap star so maybe he should try fashion instead. Plus, he’s already got one person copying his look.
  • Dita Von Teese already has a sexy line of lingerie from Wonderbra, but we want to see her ideas for wearable retro clothes, too.
  • Mandy Moore shut down Mblem, which had progressed from vintage-inspired T-shirts to a full collection, earlier this year because she thought the brand had lost touch with its creator. We’d like to see more from Mandy, though. She always dresses cute.
  • Kanye West thinks of himself as a style icon even though he just seems to be stealing complete looks from ’80s singers and rappers. We’d like to see him challenge himself and actually create a look from scratch — or at least one that isn’t recognizable from a specific period. Plus, imagine the egotistical fights between him and Joaquin.
  • Lourdes Ciccone Leon has been crowned our most stylish celebrity kid, so a fashion line is definitely in her future. So what if she’s only 12! (Bonus: Madonna could make a cameo.)
  • M.I.A. wears some really out-there clothing. Let’s see if that look can be translated for real women.