Beauty How-To: Remove Blackheads

Sure they’re not throbbing, puss-filled pimples, but they are only one step away from becoming the zit of your worst nightmares. Blackheads are gunky little suckers that ruin perfectly good complexions. We’ve all got ‘em, and we are all dying to get rid of ‘em. Learn how, after the jump…Preparing the Nose for Blackhead Removal
Steam your face before you got at you blackheads. Don’t burn yourself, but a few minutes in a hot shower, or sitting over a pot of boiling water will do the trick.
Blackhead Removal Products

Stainless Steel Double End Spoon Blackhead Removers
A stainless steel double end spoon blackhead remover (a mouthful, we know) has spoonlike indentations on either end, one with a bunch of little wholes. Place the hole closest to the size of the pore over the blackhead, apply gentle pressure, and pop!

Stainless Steel Loop Blackhead Extractors
A stainless steel loop extractor has, you guessed it, loops on either end. Place the loop over the blackhead and apply slight pressure to force those nasty pore-cloggers through the loop.

Chemical Peels and Their Natural Counterparts
Chemical peels and their natural counterparts are also effective tools for removing blackheads. Apply to the skin on moistened strips for several minutes, then remove, the strip while uprooting the blackheads.

Selecting and Using a Blackhead Removal Product
Choose the blackhead removal product you are most comfortable with, and use it gently to avoid damaging the skin on your nose. When using any kind of non-disposable device to remove blackheads, be sure to sterilize it before each use to prevent infection.

Let Blackheads Know They’re Unwelcome
Yank away the welcome mat with a skin cleansing routine designed to minimize the future risk of blackheads developing. An astringent wash with a benzoyl peroxide concentration of 2.5% or greater is a miracle worker. Regular exfoliation with a product containing salicylic acid will remove dead skin cells so they don’t become trapped in the pores and contribute to blackhead formation.