Beauty How-To: Make You Lips Bigger Without Surgery

So you want a puffier pout without the splurge of surgery. No problem. Besides, with all of the time you’ll save sans recovery, you’ll have plenty to sport your new pucker. Get Rid of Dark Colors:
Toss you lip liner and dark lipsticks. Liner makes you lips look unnatural if the lip color is too light, and there’s no need for darker shades that only make you look pale and tired.

Keep Colors Similar:
Use lip liners that are close in proximity to your lipstick color. For example, if you’re wearing auburn lipstick, maybe a cocoa lip liner would work. Or a bronze lipstick may work well with a dark brown lip liner. Jut keep them in the same family.

Draw an Appropriate Lip Line:
Carefully outline your lips at the very edge. Some people will draw the line outside of their lips to make them look slightly plumper. That’s all right too, as long as the liner looks believable if someone were to get close to you. Don’t go overboard: it’s NOT sexy to have sketched-on lips that go from nose to chin.

Look for the “V”:
Pay special attention to the “v” area in the center of your top lip. Treat it like an arch. Make sure that the line is exact, from the center area all the way to the very top of the lip. This is where the lip definition really stands out if your kisser is thin.

Go Natural, Go Neutral:
Use lipstick colors that you’re comfortable with. Chicas with a walnut-complexion may look strange in bright red lipstick, but someone with a lighter complexion may be able to pull off the dramatic lip color. I recommend using lip colors that make it look like you don’t have makeup on, but sometimes brighter shades work well with neutral colors like black and white. Just make sure the lipstick doesn’t smear into your liner.

Hooray for Lip Gloss:
Use lip gloss to make your lip color pop. The only difficulty is applying it without messing up your lipstick. Use a lip brush or your finger to pat on the shine.

When in Doubt, Use Lip Gloss:
Shiny equals fuller. Glossed lips always appear bigger than they are.

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