Beauty How-To: Hide A Cold Sore

Nothing kills date night like showing up to dinner looking like you’ve got the herp. Cover your cold sore with our tips and tricks, gloss up, and wow your friday nighter.Put on a Little More Eye Makeup
Focus on the feature higher up on your face than your mouth when you do your makeup. Really make your eyes pop so that attention is drawn away from your sore.

Do Not Put Cover Up on the Actual Infected Area
Number one: it does nothing but attract more attention to your mouth. Number two: Covering it can actually make the cold sore worse, because it clogs your pores and adds pimples to the already inflamed blister.

Use Medicine
There are a ton of lips balms that speed up the process of healing, and prevent the pesky bumps from coming back. If you want to go natural, try placing a few drops of tea tree oil on the area at the first sign of an outbreak.

Avoid Kissing
Keep you mouth to yourself. Your boy toy will contract the cold sore and yours will get more irritated. Just play hard-to-get until it subsides.

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