Beauty How-To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are expensive, but they get clotted with your foundation and shadows so quickly. Don’t bother replacing your stash every time they get too dirty to use, just clean them. We tell you how to do it without ruining the bristles after the jump…Daily Routine
At the end of your daily makeup application, take a few seconds to tap the excess makeup from your brushes. Tap the handle gently against your arm to shake off any loose particles.

Weekly Soak
Once a week, place your brushes in a clean sink and douse them with warm water. While the water runs add a half a teaspoon of unscented baby shampoo with a drop or two of tea tree oil.

Stroke the Brushes
Hold the brushes underwater and gently apply pressure to the bristles to loosen makeup, dirt, and residue.

Fresh Rinse
Give brushes a good rinse in the sink with a bath of clear, warm water.

Hand Dry
Lay your brushes on a clean, dry hand towel. Gently squeeze any excess water from the brush bristles.

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