Quickies!: Get Eyes Like Edward Cullen’s

  • Twilight fans who would like to attract their very own Bella can don these “eye-vert” colored contact lenses, which also just so happen to advertise the release of the “Twilight” DVD. [YouTube]
  • Singer Cassie has gotten an extreme makeover, in which half of her hair is shaved to her scalp. [Perez Hilton] Punk rock move or one step away from going full-on Britney crazy?
  • Phil Spector was found guilty of second degree murder in the 2003 death of Lana Clarkson. [LAist]
  • Warner Bros. is making a film version of the “Jonny Quest” cartoon, starring Zac Efron. [DListed] We were big fans of “Jonny Quest” as children, but a live-action remake is absolutely unnecessary. What is this, “Speed Racer”? And isn’t Zac a little too old to play an 11-year-old?
  • Men are usually the ones to torture themselves eating huge amounts of a particular food as a timer ticks away. But one Indian woman is putting male competitive eaters to shame by eating 51 ghost chilis, the hottest in the world, in just two minutes. [Asylum]
  • Flirting is fun, so why not try it out on a married man? Surprisingly, he won’t think that’s a green light to making a move. [Your Tango]
  • New evidence suggests that our bodies may actually control who we’re attracted to romantically. It could all be genetic. [Shine]
  • Tiffany “New York” Pollard has a new show on VH1, “New York Goes to Work.” [Popbytes] Each week she’ll try out a new job that doesn’t involve balls flying at her chin.