Pete Townsend And Friends Rock The Cradle

The Who’s legendary guitarist, Pete Townsend, just got dumped by his wife of 40 years. She stood by him through drug addiction and child porn accusations, but now that the 63 year old rocker has got a 35 year old girl friend, wifey Karen Astley can finally see he’s beyond help. While we bet Grandpa Pete can still play a mean pinball, now he’s looking more like a pinhead for dating a woman who is younger than his own daughters. SCORE bro- um, NOT! But skeezy Papa Pete isn’t the only 60-something who has robbed the cradle for coochie. Here are some other famous old farts popping Viagra like their girlfriend’s have to pop zits…[DailyMail]

James Woods: The 61-year-old distinguished actor is now giving the most shocking performance of his life as the leading dick in Ashley Madison, an aspiring actress almost 40 years younger than he is. [Gawker]
Ron Wood: The 61-year-old Rolling Stone is dating 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova. Even though he isn’t divorced yet, Ron took her to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremonies over the weekend, their first public event together. [Huffington Post]
Rod Stewart: Ronnie must have been picking up tips from his fellow band member in the Faces. Rod Stewart started dating model Penny Lancaster when he was 55 and she was 29. Seven years later, they were married with a kid. [Bosh]
Bruce Willis: The actor will probably die hard. At 54, his new wife, Emma Hemming, is about 25 years younger than him. Well, he finally figured out a way to put his ex, Demi Moore, to shame! [CNN]
Donald Trump: For his third wife, the Donald married model Melania Knauss, 28 years his junior. But has the businessman — who constantly seems to seek new opportunities — finally settled down for good at 62? [About]