Quickies!: Kelly Bensimon Is The Ambassador For Wool

  • Kelly Killoren Bensimon tells the new issue of Bazaar, “Honestly, if being inauthentic means graduating from Columbia University, writing three books, starting two magazines, bearing two children, being the ambassador for wool, running a marathon for charity — if that’s inauthentic? Tell me what authentic is.” [DListed] — Somebody, anybody, please, tell me what the f**k the ambassador for WOOL does!
  • Backing up my position on Seth Rogen’s date rape movie, “Observe and Report,” is this Friday Feminist F**k You. [Feministing]
  • American Apparel is launching a plus-size line called “Colossal Clothing” — but it’s only for men. [Salon] — I’m saving up my rage, putting it in a box, handing it over to Simcha, who will comment on this nonsense next week.
  • ZOMG, a Sarah Haskins movie?! [Salon]
  • Audrina Partridge says that she has not had plastic surgery, she’s just losing her baby fat. [Perez Hilton]
  • On “Oprah” yesterday, it was suggested that moms buy their daughters vibrators. HELL YES. [Jezebel]
  • Workers stood idly by while woman was raped in NY subway … could you? [Lemondrop]