In Bed With … Ryan Reynolds

Born: October 23, 1976 in Vancouver (Canada)
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Scorpio
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Sagittarius
Mars: Scorpio

Love Style:

As a double Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio, Ryan is an intense all or nothing man with an incredible amount of depth and passion that he can often hide under copious amounts of cockiness. Being so in touch with his vulnerability, he’s the guy that needs to have complete possession of his partner and holds whomever he loves very close to his heart — almost at times, to the point of being a jealous freak, as he’s so emotional that sometimes he can’t control himself. However, overall, once in love, he’s one of the most loyal boyfriends and the “do anything for you” type of guy who wants to have one of those legendary fairy tale relationships. He’s not one to follow anyone else’s path and lives for adventure and the fantastical. His imagination is strong and even if his actual relationships aren’t as perfect as he’d wish, he knows how to edit his mind to see what he wants and as long as you know this is how he operates and can play this game, he’ll be the most fun, sexy and unpredictable partner you can ask for.

Sex Style:

Chances are this man’s got a schlong the size of Montana and seriously knows how to bat that bad boy around to dickmatize any lady that comes within a five mile radius. Yes, sex is this guy’s thing and how he gives it will tell you everything you need to know about his personality and how he feels about you. He’s a private person, but all his demons and saints come out in the sack, as he doesn’t know how to control himself in that area. He’s got tricks up his sleeve that can go on endlessly. Yes, his imagination for all things kinky is long and strong. He’s up for anything and as long as you prove you think he is the one and only man that ever has and ever will make you satisfied, then the orgasmic thrills will only escalate, as he is just like a fine wine that only gets better and more intense with time.

His Type:
Mr. Man isn’t one to settle for anything less than the extreme idea of a fantasy — hello, ScarJo, the original Miss Boobalicious. He sees himself as deserving of the ultimate dream girl, one that can keep inspiring his passions and bolster his idea of being influential. He’s out for power couple status, but one in which he can truly have his cake and eat it too — true love is his priority, but his ideal package is to be with someone that can make him the envy of the world and feed into his ego. Not to say he is completely superficial, but sure, he does like to have possessions that emanate his sense of confidence. At the heart of it, he is only going to get that out of himself by connecting on a soul mate level and find that who he is with is a direct reflection of how he wants to see himself. His downfall, though, is being too idealistic and controlling, forcing his object of desire to be what he wishes her to be instead of what she truly wants to be.

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