How I Got The Clap And Other STD Stories: The Unusual Suspect

April is STD Awareness Month, and we asked you to share your STD-related stories so we could learn from your each other’s mistakes. If you have a tale involving sores, Valtrex, or a judgy gynecologist, send an email to [email protected]. We will keep your identity anonymous.

I wanted to let you know about my experience with an STD because although I feel uncomfortable telling anyone else about it, I think it’s important for other people to be aware. In November I noticed bumps on the outside of my genital region and thought they were just pimples. They didn’t go away, and when I told my boyfriend he freaked and said he had them too. He blamed me for getting infected, but I hadn’t been with anyone else since we started dating! The first doctor I went to had no idea what they were. She tested me for every STD known to man, gave me some antibiotics, and sent me on my way. I wasn’t happy with that, especially when the STD results all came back negative. I saw another doctor, a dermatologist because it seemed appropriate since it was a skin condition. She knew what it was immediately — molluscum contagiosum. I hadn’t ever heard of it, but apparently it’s a pretty common skin condition and little kids get it all the time. It’s spread by skin-to-skin contact, and doesn’t have any long-term health effects, but in adults it’s usually passed by sexual contact. It’s very contagious, and I had never heard of it before!

The treatment involved either freezing them off with liquid nitrogen or just cutting them out. It hurt, and for a while I kept getting more. After a couple treatments, I finally got rid of them all. Now they’ve been gone for a couple months, and I couldn’t be happier! So, yes, there are the common STDs like herpes, chlamydia, etc., but don’t forget about the ones people never mention. They can still cause problems, both physical and emotional!