Beauty How-To: Chose Makeup Brushes

Buying the right makeup is only half the battle. Buy the best tools to apply it with is what makes the difference on your face. Here’s what to look for in makeup brushes from blush to shadow. Quality over Quantity:
Most makeup artists will tell you that several good quality brushes are more favorable than a handful of lower quality makeup brushes. Brushes made from natural fibers are generally the best quality– so look for brushes made from squirrel hair, weasel hair, goat or pony hair. Brushes are also graded and these grades depend on whether the hair was virgin hair (first cut), cruelty-free. If you’ve got the money to spend, look for the highest grade brush possible.

Eyeshadow Brush:
Most women that don makeup tend to wear eyeshadow, possibly because it is the most simple way of highlighting the eyes. This is why makeup kits are really incomplete without a proper eyeshadow brush. While many makeup professionals will advise that you purchase two eyeshadow brushes, one for applying base color and another for applying contrasting shadow, this isn’t really essential. Instead, choose a brush that has a square and tapered head and is of medium size. You can then use this brush to double as a defining brush by using the side of the brush for shadow.

Concealer Brush:
Choose a medium to large size concealer brush with a nice sturdy handle. The best concealer brushes have square and tapered heads, to allow for both fine and general application.

Blusher Brush:
The brush with which you apply blush should be one of the softest brushes in your collection– harder brushes will more likely disrupt the natural look of your makeup by creating lines. The best blush brushes are of medium size– be careful to avoid too small brushes, for those tend to create unnatural blush lines.

Eyebrow Brush:
Eyebrow brushes should be stiff with soft bristles. Eyebrow brushes are one of the only types that can be synthetic– some makeup artists even recommend using soft bristled toothbrushes, as they facilitate the job just as well as expensive professional makeup brushes.

Q-tips are inexpensive and work wonderfully for applying and touching-up makeup. Q-tips are great on your eyes when creating a misty-smoky look. They can also be used to erase smudges or stray marks, to apply moisturizer, smooth eyeliner, and more!

Brush Maintenance:
One of the most important obligations of owning expensive natural-hair makeup brushes is the maintenance. You can wash your makeup brushes in soapy lukewarm water (avoid harsh soaps– shampoo is often the best choice for washing brushes).

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