Poll: Should You Lie About Your Age?

In this week’s issue of Time, the magazine asks feminist author Suzanne Braun Levine whether women should lie about their age. Levine has a new book out, 50 is the New Fifty, and she believes that society has a mental block about people older than 65. “And I was not so afraid of being old or being that age as I was of being pushed aside by people that I still had a lot in common with and wanted to stay connected to, particularly women in their 40s who were in their own kind of inventive process and who had a lot to say about their lives that I was interested in,” Levine told Time. She was worried that people would stop thinking she was relevant after becoming eligible for Social Security. When a bunch of us were talking about lying about our age, most of us haven’t cut back a few years. In fact, we’ve actually aged ourselves so that people would take us more seriously! The only times we’ve thought about going down in age is when we want people to think we’re prodigies.

Not that it’s okay, but society seems to be less obsessed with age, and more obsessed with how old you look. If a woman who is 50 years old looks more like 40, then she is praised. Maybe we should just stop considering age, and make it something that no one talks about, like income and STDs. [Time]

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