Beauty How To: Use A Lipstick Brush

If you want the perfect pout, you’re gonna need to get the perfect tools. A lipstick brush is great for lining and filling in lips, giving you the kiss-me pucker ladies yearn for. Choosing a Lipstick Brush:
Invest in a retractible lipstick brush, so the bristles don’t get damaged when you’re not using it. We favor synthetic hairs too.

Lightly Color the Brush:
Dab a little color on the brush, not overloading it with gloss or lipstick.

Apply the Color Using Even Strokes:
One lip at a time, begin by applying color to the center of your lip. Then with slow and even strokes, draw the color from the center outward to the corners of your lip. Once your entire lip is covered, check that the color has been applied evenly and completely– feel free to brush over your lip again if the color needs to be spread more evenly. Remember, less is more!

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