Beauty How-To: Remove Lipstick

No one wants to wake up looking like they made out with The Joker. Here’s how to get all that pesky makeup off your lips in a snap.Date Night
Apply your lip color at the beginning of the night and let it fade throughout the evening. This way your lips will have a nice, soft stain by smooch time.

Eating a Juicy Burger
Take a napkin or tissue to your lips before you take your first bite of food. You don’t want lipgloss remnants on your cup, so wipe it all off.

After a Night of Partying
Well most of the time you’re doing well if you get home and remove some of your clothes before passing out. But always remove your makeup before you hit the pillow. That’s skincare 101.

Before Bedtime
In a perfect world, you should remove your lipstick before bed by using a makeup remover, cold cream, baby oil or petroleum jelly. Apply product and use a wet washcloth to wipe off. All of these products work great and leave lips smooth and soft.

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