Beauty How-To: Make Your Nose Look Thinner

Forget spending money and recovery time on plastic surgery, you can get the same nose-slimming effects from concealer and press powder. Just let us walk you through the steps to getting the perfect centerpiece for your face.Apply a Darker Powder or Matte Foundation on the Sides of Your Nose:
Using a contouring powder a few shades darker than your normal foundation can effectively camouflage the width of your nose. Apply one thin stripe vertically on each side of the nose coming down from the eyebrow. This helps your nose look slim and straight.

Apply a Lighter Powder or Matte Foundation in the Vertical Center of Your Nose:
While adding a darker shade to the sides will help shade and camouflage, adding a light powder to the vertical center of your nose will help highlight the part of your nose you’re most comfortable with–making the dark powder simply look like shadows instead of skin.

Blend the Makeup Well:
The difference between nicely-applied contouring makeup and say, a striped zoo animal, is in the blending. Harsh lines won’t get you anywhere! Blend in your makeup well, by using a sponge or brush of your choice.

Define Your Eyes to Draw Attention Elsewhere:
To further disguise a troublesome nose, you’ll want to define your eyes with the use of makeup. Think dark liners and beautiful lashes! This will help your contouring makeup and detract from what might otherwise seem like a broad nose.

Practice, Practice, Practice:
It takes time and effort to perfect the application of this kind of nose-slimming look. Watch how others carry it out, like Makeup Artists Kandee Johnson and RenRen, and keep practicing until you find what works best for you.

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