Beauty How-To: Make Lips Look Fuller

Every woman wants a smooch-worthy pucker. You don’t need injections to get it either. Just follow our instructions to a healthy, sexy, pretty pout! Exfoliate first:
Start by brushing your lips with a soft baby toothbrush to erase dead skin and increase circulation to the area. Attracting blood flow will make your lips temporarily plumper.

Moisturize your lips:
Apply your favorite lip balm (ChapStick works just fine) to create a nice smooth canvas.

Outline your lips:
Use a lip pencil the same color or slightly darker than your lipstick and follow the outline of your lip one third of the way from the center to each corner of your upper and lower lips. Caution: Do not draw all the way around your lips. Fully outlining your lips will actually make them look smaller and create a coloring book effect, especially if your lipstick wears off during the day.

Smudge your outline:
Avoid looking like a clown by smudging your lipstick pencil into your lips to create a more natural, blended effect.

Select light colored lipstick:
Just as black clothing makes you look slimmer, dark colored lipstick makes your lips look smaller. Instead, apply a light colored lipstick to your lips to make them appear bigger and fuller.

Finish with shine:
Complete your pouty look by applying a shiny lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip. This will help your lips reflect light and make them appear even fuller and more sumptuous.

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