Beauty How-To: How To Care For A Nose Piercing

A piercing is a great way to exude attitude and style, but if it gets infected that little stud is gonna start looking harsh. Take our advice for caring for your nose piercing; after all, this one’s on your face.Handle With Care:
Use an antibacterial soap on your hands before caring for your nose piercing or applying any face makeup. This will cut down on any bacterial contact with a new piercing.

Swab It:
Dip a clean cotton swab in some water or saline. Dab the inside and outside of your nose where the piercing is. This will help dissolve any plasma that’s built up around your piercing. Carefully turn your piercing with clean fingers. Your hole will heal without a lot of extra scabbing.

Hypoallergenic Soap:
While your nose piercing is healing, wash your face with hypoallergenic soap. Do not use scrubs or any type of abrasive cleansers near your nose piercing. You don’t want to irritate your new puncture.

Fighting Infection:
Naturally, your nose may be sore for a few days after your nose piercing. If you think it’s getting infected then squirt some Bactine on a cotton swab and apply it to your piercing. Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your nose.

You shouldn’t put makeup on your new nose piercing. It can lead to infections. Go natural until your nose piercing heals.

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