American Idol’s Adam Lambert Knocks Simon Cowell Onto His Feet. But Who Is This Guy Anyway?

On Tuesday, “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert dramatically belted out “Mad World” by Tears for Fears, a performance so good he knocked stone cold Simon Cowell onto his feet. Cowell actually gave him a standing ovation, saying, “Words aren’t necessary but I’m going to give you a standing ovation.” Woah! We got the DL on Simon’s new fave.

  • Drama Queen: Lambert is 26 and hails from Hollywood (big surprise). He is one of those singing, dancing, acting types. As a child he used to play dress up and didn’t like sports. There is a lot of speculation on gossip sites about whether he’s gay. [Inquisitr] — I think if you watch just one of his performances you’ll have your own theory.
  • Shop-a-holic: If Adam had 24 hours to do anything he would go on an “all expenses paid shopping spree.” [American Idol] — That’s right Adam! Eff traveling, bungee jumping, visiting someone cool…BUYING stuff it really what it’s all about.
  • Fan Boy: Adam went to his first concert when he was 10 and guess who he saw? Paula Abdul! He totally mentioned this at his audition. [American Idol] — Suck up much?
  • News Idol?: Last month on “The Tonight Show,” Simon said he favors Adam to win. [L.A. Times] — This sort of means a lot since Simon is the, uh, judge. If Adam becomes famous he can make enough money to go on a shopping spree! Like OMG!!! That money would be better spent on books.
  • WannaB(owi)e: In an interview with MTV in February, Adam said he wants to emulate David Bowie’s music career. [MTV] — Sorry Adam, but David Bowie is way more badass than you. If this little gothic rocker wants to be a great musician, he should stop dressing like those kids who hang out in the arcade at the mall and start singing real music.