Who Should Samantha Ronson Date Next?

If you ask Lindsay Lohan, she and her GF Sam Ronson are on a break. But if you talk to the DJ’s mama, Ann Dexter Jones, SamRo’s one step away from filing a restraining order against Lohan, who had to be physically removed by security when she tried to crash Charlotte Ronson’s big fashion party this weekend. Well, whatever is actually going on, one thing is clear: Sam needs a new lady to love. And we’re here to play matchmaker:

Katherine Moennig: “The L Word”‘s Shane and Sam could share clothes and so much more. Katherine is also from a famous family — she’s actress Blythe Danner’s niece and Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin.

Sadie Benning: The Le Tigre rocker turned video artist is the best of both of SamRo’s favorite things. And with Sadie’s camera always lying around, we bet those two would make a very sexy sex tape!

Courtenay Semel: SamRo likes party/bad girls who are as crazy as they are rich, and the Yahoo! heiress is all that and a bag of chips. She’s stolen cars and made out with Tila Tequila, but she’s always looking for a new sensation. Plus, she totally already hit and quit the Lohan. So, at the very least, she’d make the perf revenge rebound.

Elisha Cuthbert: If SamRo really likes blonde bi-curious actresses who have been slandered for their extreme slut-itude, then she could easily replace Lindsay with Elisha! She’s so hot, she melted an ice hockey player’s career.