Quickies!: Halle Berry Is A Poser?

  • Halle Berry tries to convince regular women that she really is just a snacking-in-front-of-the-TV-girl-next-door in Harper’s Bazaar. By the way, I’m not feeling the blonde hair on Halle. What do y’all think? [Shine]
  • Stephen Colbert tricked another congressman into admitting he enjoys prostitutes and cocaine. You’d think they’d learn from Robert Wexler’s run-in with Colbert. [Asylum]
  • Tax time can get you in trouble with more folks than the IRS. One man almost ruined his marriage when his wife realized he was putting away a secret nest egg just in case they were divorced. [Your Tango]
  • Honor the memory of Kurt Cobain in style by rocking some grunge-y fashions. [Refinery 29]
  • Is piercing your surroundings instead of your face and body the new trend? Hopefully! [Urlesque]
  • We thought the whole hipsters wearing Che Guevara was done, but we think this “Che as Uncle Sam” drawing will make it onto T-shirts, too. [The Daily What]