Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Choose Between Two Men?

I am a Sagittarius (11/27/75). About 12 years ago I met a Cancer (06/26/73) and from the beginning, it felt like there was an instant bond between us. Over the years we became really good friends and recently started dating. It’s been going well, though I don’t hear much from him. He goes out of town a lot, so I only get to spend time with him twice a month. During the times he’s been away, I’ve spent a lot of time with my single friends going out dancing and that’s when I met a younger Capricorn (12/27/87), who is fun, exciting and the best kisser ever. I’ve been spending less and less time with Cancer and more and more with Capricorn, but I’m not sure if there is any long term potential with him. I would really like to find someone to settle down with, but I just don’t know which one to choose, please help. – Saucy Sag Why choose anyone? From the sound of your situation there is no reason you can’t keep doing what you’re doing, going out, having fun and playing the field. After all, you have no commitment to either, and as a Sag, you are a freedom-loving lady that thrives on surprises. You have to be blown away to want to really settle down — and as it stands, Cancer man is emotionally unavailable and Cap boy is a fun toy. Unless someone steps it up to give you something more than just a fun time, don’t worry your pretty little head. The answers will appear when the time is right, and until then, you are under no obligation to close yourself off from the rest of the world. In fact, use this as motivation to get out there even more and juggle even more men!

As far as astrological compatibility goes, the fact of the matter is that neither one of these guys showed too many strong aspects that make either a winning prize for you…which is also another reason to keep on looking. With your Sag sun and Virgo moon, April to August is your hottest time for love (especially August) and if you keep the momentum up, something will give. While it might not be happily ever after ASAP, it’ll at least be better than being confused about two guys that seem only partially fulfilling. Sure, as a Sag you love the challenge, and as a Virgo, you love to analyze — but your time can be better spent being challenged by opening yourself up to a relationship that truly is a two way street and offers something more substantial.

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