10 Things We’d (Sometimes) Rather Do Than Have Sex

A new study found that a third of men would prefer to play video games rather than have sex with their partners. Oh yeah?! Well there’s some things we’d rather do than hump too, and they’re way more exciting that Grand Theft Auto! See our list, after the jump…1. Read the “Twilight” series all over again, as if it was the first time.
2. Ride The Hulk rollercoaster at Universal Studio’s Islands Of Adventure in Orlando – no line of course.
3. Online shop at a 70% reduced sample sale for designers Ali Ro, Mint, and Marc Jacobs.
4. Slap reality TV stars Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the C(o)untess, Jason Mesnick, and Spencer Pratt.
5. Sleep in the most gloriously comfy hotel bed.
6. Get a super intense head rub.
7. Attend a private performance by Justin Timberlake and/or INSERT YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST.
8. Walk on the moon.
9. Meet a historical figure, like one of the women from our “Women Who Rock” series.
10. Make out with the one that got away.

[via Lemondrop]