What Your Breasts Say About Your Bedroom Skills

According to Now Public, way back in 18th Century Spain, scientists believed you could gauge how good a woman was in bed by just examining her boobs. Hm, that sounds like a lame excuse for nerdy dudes to get their grubby hands on ye ole girls…but alas “sternomancy,” the study of the bumps on the breast bone, was actually considered to be a legitimate and even divine discipline of yesteryear. Nowadays, you don’t need a PhD in ta-ta’s to be able to tell what your pair says about you. We’ve broken all the boobies down for you!

Sexy Slinkies
If you’ve got boobs that look like they’ve sprung out of your chest, you’re a smarty pants who knows how to get down to the business of pleasure. You make a great partner because you are loyal, adaptable, and innovative.
Golden Globes
He’s got the whole world in his hands with you! Well-rounded girls are willing to try anything in bed. Although, perhaps it’s because they find it hard to have an orgasm and often go for men dumber than them.
Not So Prickly Pears
What man doesn’t want to get his mouth on a juicy pear? You have guys beating down your lady door because you’ve got a great sense of humor and you’re totally independent!
Perky Pyramid
An enthusiastic lover, you enjoy making lotsa men your slaves. And when it comes to sex, nothing is too taboo for a girl like you so you’d make a great actress or whore.
Power Eggplant
Full of energy, you’re a lover and also a fighter who likes to control your man’s every move.

As for the nipples?

  • Pointy: You’re a generous cowgirl who likes to go downtown and get on top of her stallion. All he’s got to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!
  • Inverted: Secretive and sneaky, your nipples aren’t the only thing you’re hiding — you mask your romantic plans too! In the game of love, you may not have imaginative moves, but you are willing to fulfill your BF’s fantasies.