“The Hills” Are Alive With the Sound of Drama

Just when I had convinced myself that I actually enjoyed the first season of MTV’s “The City,” Lauren, Heidi, Spencer, Audrina, and the rest of “The Hills” crew are back, like the back-stabbing best friends I never had. The season premiere featured a tearful Heidi and Lauren reunion, and Spencer beating up a kid who dared to tell Heidi he saw Spencer hitting on a female bartender. And what’s this I see on the season teaser…? Not only will Audrina hook up with Brody, but Spencer will be caught red handed with the aforementioned bartender. Awwww…smack. I have never been so excited for Monday nights. Ever.

The Verdict: HILL-ARIOUS MUST-SEE TV. What’s so amazing about “The Hills”—the part that “The City” just never got right—is that the “cast” manages to keep everything completely natural, as if the producers hadn’t totally planned that two warring factions would show up at the same club at the same time. Olivia Palermo knew when she was being a bee-otch and hammed it up. Heidi, on the other hand, has no idea that she is a seething black hole of drama.

So what do you think? “The Hills” or “The City?” And what are you looking forward to most on this season?