I Now Pronounce You Fully Covered

Marrying for health insurance is nothing new. Even I proposed to two men when my health insurance was canceled recently (sadly, they both said no). But even when love isn’t the complete reason for getting married, most couples still have enough time to plan their dream wedding, whatever that may be. Things worked out differently, however, for writer Carrie Sloan, who wed her fiance Adam Lisberg in the 36 hours between being laid off and April 1, the deadline to be added to his health insurance. Carrie had been planning her wedding when she became a recession casualty. Instead of paying a $500-a-month COBRA, she and her fiance decided she’d be put on his health insurance. Instead of worrying about sending her save-the-date cards eight months in advance, Carrie worried about planning a wedding in 36 hours.

Finding an officiant was the easy part. Carrie just e-mailed a friend who is an interfaith minister, who graciously penciled them in for 5:30 p.m. that Friday. Then she and Adam committed one of the cardinal sins of wedding planning: They agreed on a location, a spot called the Pool in the northern part of Central Park, without ever seeing it! They applied for and picked up their marriage license, which New York City requires the couple to have in their possession 24 hours before the ceremony. Carrie’s hairdresser did her hair Thursday during his lunch hour. Wedding hair, I’m sure, usually takes longer than that, but I guess you count your blessings when you’re in a time crunch.

Upon learning that Adam arranged for their parents to attend the rush ceremony, Carrie fired off quick emails to friends saying, “If you aren’t already booked for happy hour, come see us get hitched.” The couple didn’t even register for gifts! Finding her wedding dress was the most difficult part because no bride wants to get married in just anything. She ended up settling on a white Jackie O-style dress with just four hours to spare.

Although Adam and Carrie’s reception was held in a bar, and they had Junior’s cheesecake instead of a real wedding cake, she said she wouldn’t change anything about their wedding because she and Adam celebrated their bond with their closest friends and family. They ended the night at a Kinko’s, photocopying their marriage license, in order to send that and her enrollment to Adam’s health insurance company in time to meet the April 1 deadline. Their already-scheduled, quick weekend getaway to Vancouver turned into their honeymoon. [NY Daily News ]