All The President’s Gifts: What Barack And Michelle Obama Got And Gave In Europe

The Obamas went to Europe, and they got (and gave) more than crappy souvenir T-shirts from all of the countries they visited. Barack and Michelle got some flack for what they gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his family when they came to Washington last month, so did their gift-giving improve? Keep reading to see how the Presidential presents stack up.Queen Elizabeth II
Gave: Rare Rodgers and Hart songbook; iPod filled with videos from her visits to the United States, as well as a few show tunes
Got: Signed, silver-framed photo of the Queen and her husband

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Gave: A baseball bat, a baseball signed by President Obama, and set of Dr. Seuss books for his two sons
Got: T-shirts, jeans, mini-skirts, and sunglasses from Marks & Spencer for Malia and Sasha

Czech First Lady Livia Klausova
Gave: A vase
Got: Glasswear

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek
Gave: ???
Got: Czech-made Prim watch and a garnet brooch

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
Gave: Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar
Got: ???

Since the Obamas got so much criticism for the gifts they’ve given, mum was the word for what they gave and got in Germany and Turkey.