Top 12 Women’s Guiltiest Pleasures

There are your garden variety guilty pleasures — like reality TV shows, Doritos, and the other ones listed in our poll last week — that most women have no trouble copping to, and then there are really guilty pleasures — things that feel so satisfying, we overlook their gross factor or lack social acceptance. After the jump, the top twelve guiltiest of all pleasures. 1. Twittering on the toilet
2. Google stalking an ex
3. Complaining about our cramps
4. Popping blisters and pimples
5. Taking countless Mac Photobooth pictures of ourselves
6. Buying cute crap for our future babies…before we even have a boyfriend
7. Making “vision boards” and practicing The Secret
8. Peeling off our manicures
9. Pulling off a successful re-gift
10. Facebook friend-ing former nemeses just to see if they got fat
11. Using our womanly wiles to get things for free
12. Practicing the perfect pose in front of the mirror