Orgasmic Meditation Gets/Rips You Off

Hey, remember how we told you about that orgasmic meditation center in San Francisco called OneTaste, where practitioners gave each other orgasms in between breakfast and yoga? The New York Times merely profiled the ambiance and mission of the San Francisco chapter, but The New York Post attempted to one up them by sending writer Justin Rocket Silverman to try it out with a lady friend (named “Layla”). Oh, and then share the details of his finger banging lesson with all of us, which he does with gusto and a laundry list of creative words for vagina. Fun! After the jump, a breakdown of exactly what goes on during an orgasmic medication, or OMing, session.1. Inventory: “…in which I’m supposed to tell Layla exactly what her honey pot looks like.”
2. The Stroke: “ONE finger. The left index, to be exact…. he guides my digit directly onto the sweet spot…a subtle finger movement that would make Buddha himself blush.”
3. OMing: “I feel a most unusual sensation. Not the kind of excitement you’d feel if Adriana Lima and Bar Refaeli invited you to share a hot tub, but more like throwing back five shots of bourbon and then going for a fast run around the block. It’s a heady buzz, mixed with equal parts wooziness and intensity of focus…. Layla tells me later that she felt the same thing, and was left ‘shaking like I just touched a live wire.'”

So OMing is when a dude tickles a woman’s clit with one finger until she almost, or does, climax? “You are dealing with the most potent energy there is,” OneTaste co-founder Nicole Daedone. “OMing is the most the direct, clean access we have to that energy.”

If all that sounds exceedingly complicated, yet intriguing, the next OMing course in New York begins April 25 and is included in a OneTaste membership that costs $300. Or you could take that $300 and buy a really effing awesome vibrator and get off without the aid of a random, skeezy, hippie named Starhawk (no seriously). [NY Post]